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Berk Trade and Business School Electrical Plumbing Courses
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Six Hundred (600) Clock-Hour Program Overview
Electrical Installation
Comprehensive Plumbing

One Hundred (100) Clock-Hour Program Overview
Electrical Wiring, Minor Expansion and Repair
Plumbing Maintenance
Six Hundred (600) Clock-Hour Vocational Programs (Accredited)
Berk Trade and Business School's six hundred clock-hour curricula were specifically designed to meet the needs of companies requiring individuals with skills in residential and commercial trade applications. The School's classrooms foster inter-student collaboration, encouraging students to work in partnership and cohesively learn from each other through support, motivation, and exposure to well-qualified instructors and their feedback. Berk Trade and Business School challenges students to actively contribute to the learning process and to bring their personal and professional experiences into the classroom to create a curriculum with immediate relevance to their careers and personal lives.
Our faculty members are experienced professionals with years of practical training who bring their real world life experience to the classroom. All six hundred clock-hour trade programs are comprised of two terms of fifteen weeks each. Please contact the Admissions Department for current offerings.
All programs are measured by instructional clock hours. A clock-hour is based on actual attendance, though each 60-minute hour may include a ten-minute break. Six hundred clock-hour accredited trade programs meet for four clock-hours per session, five days per week, for a total of twenty clock-hours per week.


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