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Financial Aid Berk Trade and Business School
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Financial Aid
The primary mission of the Office of Financial Aid at Berk Trade and Business School is to administer student financial aid programs in compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies that govern federal, state and private funds. It is committed to promoting and maintaining integrity, accuracy and timelines in the delivery of financial assistance to all eligible students admitted to the School.
As a nationally-accredited institution, Berk Trade and Business School is qualified to participate in several Federal Financial Aid programs. With grants, loans, and work-study programs available to qualified students, the Office of Financial Aid will help design a financial assistance plan that is best for you. Let us help you find the resources necessary to make your dream a reality.
Paying for Educational Costs
Berk Trade and Business School has no hidden fees. Education costs cover all expenses of the program including tuition, registration, student ID, books, tools, tool-bags, materials, etc. Financial obligation may be met through a combination of Federal grants, scholarships from outside sources, student loans and payment plans.
Students who have a financial shortfall after all financial aid alternatives have been exhausted are able to make either a lump sum payment or participate in the school's convenient, interest-free, monthly payment plan. Additional information can be obtained from the Bursar. Individuals who qualify for employer-sponsored tuition reimbursement plans must provide documentation regarding the specifics of the employer's plan prior to registration. The School may be able to reduce the out-of-pocket cost to the student based on the provisions of the plan.


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