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Career Services
What will I do after graduation? Will I find a job? All graduates ask these questions right before they graduate. However, Berk Trade and Business School starts the job placement process long before final exams and graduation dates appear on the horizon.

The job market is tricky and daily changes are the norm. Berk Trade and Business School offers full‐time Job Placement assistance to its graduates. The Career Services staff meets with each new student during the first few weeks of school. Our goal is to get to know each student and learn about their goals so we can offer the best career advice tailored to individual needs.

Berk Trade and Business School offers assistance in various areas including:

• Career Development
• Conducting an employment orientation that will provide the essential information relating to application, resume writing, job interviewing, and portfolio development, and other placement related subjects;
• Assisting with application and employment forms;
• Preparing transcripts for prospective employers;
• Endeavoring to secure interviews with prospective employers;
• Contacting employers to identify job openings;
• Contacting prospective employers after interviews;
• Providing information concerning employment opportunities with local, state, and federal agencies.
• An Interview Workshop close to the graduation date that reviews basic concepts and mistakes in searching for a job.

We also include alumni and industry guest speakers to help graduates understand what life is like in the "real world" after graduation.
Berk Trade and Business School's Career Services department models itself after an employment agency. We work tirelessly to match our students with the right position from our employer database of available jobs. Berk Trade and Business School prides itself in offering job placement assistance to all of its graduates. Members of the career placement team will also call and arrange job interviews for our students with selected employers. Prior to the interview, we prepare our students with any necessary information to ensure their success.

After each interview, the Career Services department follows up with the employer for feedback. This cocommunication between our students, the department staff, and the employer is what distinguishes us from otherinstitutions. Our commitment to job placement means a large percentage of students will have applied to and been on at least one job interview before they complete the program.

With the specialized training offered by Berk Trade and Business School, our students will learn the skills that enable them to contribute immediately to their employer and succeed in the workplace.

The School is actively engaged in providing placement assistance to all graduates without additional charge. Students are interviewed prior to referral, at which time interests and objectives are discussed. Each student’s instructor plays a major role in the career placement process, providing invaluable insight to each student’s technical ability, character, and overall attitude over the length of the program. The student is provided with pertinent instruction on the employment interview, work attitude and other job seeking skills. While Placement Assistance may be provided, it is understood that the school cannot promise or guarantee employment to any student or graduate.


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