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Berk Trade and Business School Electrical Plumbing Courses
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Six Hundred (600) Clock-Hour Program Overview
Electrical Installation
Comprehensive Plumbing

One Hundred (100) Clock-Hour Program Overview
Electrical Wiring, Minor Expansion and Repair
Plumbing Maintenance
One Hundred (100) Clock-Hour Avocational Programs (Non-Accredited)
Berk Trade and Business School offers short-term courses without academic credits (non-accredited), which may be of interest to individuals seeking refresher, personal self enrichment, or professional development opportunities. Students learn how to apply general principles related to maintenance and repair in residential applications.
One hundred hour non-accredited courses are comprised of two quarters, one of eight and the other of nine weeks.
DISCLAIMER: All 100 clock-hour courses are not accredited by the school's accrediting commission, Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and therefore are not intended for principle occupation or vocational purposes.


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