Berk Trade and Business School Electrical Plumbing Courses
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electrical plumbing course
Six Hundred (600) Clock-Hour Program Overview
Electrical Installation
Comprehensive Plumbing

One Hundred (100) Clock-Hour Program Overview
Electrical Wiring, Minor Expansion and Repair
Plumbing Maintenance
One Hundred (100) Clock-Hour Avocational Programs
Electrical Wiring, Minor Expansion,
and Repairs Program
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to assemble, install, and repair light equipment and building wiring. Instruction includes safety and proper use and care of tools, basic electrical installation and types of electrical services, splices, scale drawing/blueprints, removing and replacing fuses, replacing faulty electrical cords, plugs, and light switches, replacing fluorescent bulbs and tubes, attaching separable plugs to appliance, replacing and tightening defective light socket, replacing defective electrical wall outlet, locate circuit overload, and installing various electrical components.


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